Thursday, September 15, 2011

wat could hav been...

i could have been blogging 'bt the 2-day conference i attended earlier tis week.
i could have been writing 'bt some new, compelling HR issues i learned & discovered there.
i could have been reviewing 'bt some first-rate speakers i had the chance to see myself.


i could have been sleeping at tis hour.


i've been wide awake since 2.45am. managed to sort out some office stuff but not much. managed to cook some nasi impit (it's stil on the stove. wud 12 packets be enough?).

the maid issue? mb that was why my subconscious mind got so distraught. i'm seeing the agent tonite & i seriusly do not know wat to expect. & i'm too tired to deal wit tis. watever it is, if she wants to leave, i'll let her. mb i'm not a gud employer. mb i'm too temperamental for her. mb i'm too uptight, i'm too tis, i'm too that. watever. i dont need tis.

now i need to come up wit a plan for dhani. & i need to do it fast.

back to square one.

Friday, September 9, 2011

la la la la la la la la la la la... (smurf's tune please...)

raya was ok, alhamdulillah. my 1st raya as a single mom. agak sayu tgk dhani ikut atok sdara (adik arwah bonda) that he met once a year to the mosque. but that's just him, so easily attached ngan org walau br skali jumpe. raya was the usual - adik beradik got 2gether, maaf bermaafan, had festive meals o everything fatty. we got back to kl on 3rd day o syawal coz i had a wedding to attend.

above is our raya pix. manja mat ni :)

post raya was also the usual things. beraya, open houses etc etc etc. mine will be on 16/9, sila dtg. it's not really an open house pon, just a mkn2 get2gether wit frens.

owh updating blog takes so much effort now. nothin much to ramble. mostly inappropriate to be broadcast here.

we watched smurfs wit aunt kay & jibril few nites ago. it was entertaining, funny & all but was kinda flat also. wit neil patrick harrris (the farny man barney stinson fr how i met your mother), it could hav bn legendary. but, it did not happen. stil we had a gud time. except wen the waiter @ tony roma's came telling us to control our kids sbb some customers complained 'bt the noise the kids were making! chessssssssssss...

work's bn BAU. so much pending work. & it's so boring to talk 'bt work. so i must stop here. i mean, stop talking 'bt work.

i went to clinic on monday. i had ulcer, stil have it now but it's recovering. & bcoz o tis ulcer, i havent started my puasa 6. and today, i went to clinic again. i think i've bn experiencing vertigo. but i didnt notice wen it exactly started. was it b4 raya break or aft raya break? i had my BM checked, thot i over ate red meet during raya but nothing unusual wit my BP.  the doc gave me bertaserc for 5 days consumption & if it stil prolongs, i'll have to see her again. it might hav some connection wit problem in the inner ear. there r some symptoms o vertigo - u feel spinning motion wen u are actually stationary, vomiting / nausea, ears buzzing, blur vision, sweating excessively . i'm only having the 1st one. let's hope it'll go away as i finish the bertaserc.

ok. i'm supposed to get enough rest for early push off to jb 2moro. the family is having open house & it's just appropriate that we go back. but here i am, updating tis blog that has very few readers (well, if it does hav readers at all!) while watching batman: the dark knight (i think tis is the darkest batman movie).

i shud be sleepin'. restin'. let's hope my sleep wont be interrupted. insyaAllah.