Saturday, March 31, 2012

dream job?

i used to envy my sister's job. she's doing marketing so she's having appointments, meetings, lunch invitations outside all the time. i wanted that kind o job. a job that doesnt need me to slouch in front o the PC the whole day long, a job that lets me escape the office environment at least 4 days a week, a job that allows me to go places. but i'm not a marketing person, so how wud a job like that ever be possible? i was supposed to be a teacher, remember? & i did commit myself for almost 7 years. & there wasnt much travelling. teachers dont travel much anyway, at least not work-related.

but now, although i'm stil not doing marketing, my current job does require me to go places once a while. being a 'kaki jalan', i'm more than ok wit that. however, being a single mom, being maidless & having committed in sending & fetching ahmad nani from sch, my job sorta needs arrangement as not to affect my son's schooling. if the dates fall on weekend, i'd bring him along. if it's weekdays... errr. so far it has always bn weekend. coz i'm the one who proposes the dates. & also the venue ;) & the food. & the rooms. & the backdrops + the wordings.

so last few weeks, aft 'bt a month o preparation,  hundreds emails & phone calls, countless bargaining, finally we had our brainstorming session @ pulai springs resort. it was my 1st big event involving the top guns. ceo was there & all HODs. even our group managing director dato' AA was there. & our chairman too, tan sri MJH. alhamdulillah everything went smooth. there were o course hiccups along the way but nothing major.

the facilitators. the think tanks.

the table arrangements. 


that's our ceo giving opening remark

nite session. bbq & karaoke. wit red & black theme.

everyone was in red & black :) 

that's our singing ceo performing 'hanya engkau yg mampu'. & we thot he'd be performing some song fr the 70s! :p

that's my director. woohooo!

that's our GE for nst

& that's GE harian metro

the most entertaining performance. he was singing 'kau ilhamku', that explains why he needed 'ilham' there ;p

even ahmad nani was clad in red & black 

wit uncle nizam who was kind enuf to replace me coz we had 2 rush back that nite even b4 the bbq & karaoke session ended. 

yup. we had to rush back coz ahmad nani had exam the nxt day. i left the program at 10pm and reached home at around 130am. 

so, where's the nxt venue? there'll be a sales conference in may. penang? cherating? i was thinking o redang or tioman :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

(gastronomic) journey to the east

if u ever go there, please... do try all these mouthwatering dishes kuching has to offer :) i went eating frenzy wen we were there. it was crazy for me & i'm not even a jalan2 cari makan person!

we had an early flight so we had bfast at our fav fast food, non other than mcD. ahmad nani dh biasa having bfast b4 going to sch, so he was starving that morning.

hot cakes for him, sushi for me. bought it @ sushi-to-go kiosk. not so fresh but boleh la...

we went to spore chicken rice for our lunch. if u get info fr wikitravel, scr is listed in one o the recommended places to go for dining experience

it was fried yee mee wit seafood for ahmad nani

& fried talapia in thai sauce for me. ya allah, sedapnye la pulak... can tiru msk at home!

nxt we went to aroma cafe for afternoon tea break. tis cafe was once featured in jalan2 cari makan & ahmad nani was so excited wen he sawjln2 cari makan momento hung on the wall ;)

we had laksa sarawak. sedap but i'm no laksa enthusiast

tis is manok pansoh. tho my fren said it wasnt authentic enuf coz the dish is supposed to be served in bamboo, but i liked it very very much. the taste is so unlike our food in semenanjung. it looks a bit like msk lemak, doesnt it? but it's not msk lemak, in fact it doesnt contain coconut milk at all. & the green leaf is pucuk ubi. it came in such a huge bowl that i had to pack the leftover home. it was eaten wit plain rice. sgt sgt sgt sedap!

& ahmad nani had tis. toast wit honey. & he had 2 servings! haish bdk ni mmg suke sgt watever sweet.

my fren had tis. fried kueh tiaw. pon sedap!

the nxt day we refuel by feasting on hotel bfast buffet. pagi2 they served lamb curry that i had wit rice porridge.

& they had the softest croissants i had ever had! & nope. i'm not exaggerating. theirs were soft & fluffy & like really soft.

we didnt have dinner outside the 1st nite. so 2nd nite was like balas dendam meal lah for us. hah even ahmad nani ate a plateful o rice that nite! we went to the most famous food court in kuching - topspot. they say if u go to kuching & u dont eat here, that means u havent had a true kuching experience yet. & that could be true ;)

look at those fresh, gigantic tiger prawns!

all sorts o fish.
we had buttered prawns, grilled chilly squids, midin (sarawak's version o pucuk paku, but only available in east msia according to my fren), ambal curry (i'm not sure wat's it called here) & sayur campur. i wanted to have crab but ahmad nani refused to, he was a bit scared seeing crabs bigger than both o his hands combined! ;p

the nxt day we went to have afternoon tea at aroma cafe (again!).
& i tried tis: air samboi. OMG! it was truly refreshing & having it on a hot day was just heavenly ;)

i had fried mee kolok wit lotsa veggies, fish cakes & prawns. sedap!

dinner that nite was at the restaurant of my fren's auntie, wit my fren's family. it was a big dinner!

that's sup gamat in the bowl. i finished 2 bowls!

butter prawns!



steamed siakap

umai - a must try if u're there. it's like kerabu wit chunks o fish. not sure if it can only use 1 type o fish as its ingredients or it can be made o any fish. pedas, tp sedap :D

so that was the highlight o wat we had in kuching. 

& we were back to eating mcD once we touched down @ lcct ;p

Sunday, March 25, 2012

wat he refused at 1st...

but then he had so much fun dh mcm x mau balik.

a sch fren invited us to his son's 1st bday bash last 2 weeks. aunT kay nk pegi so we went 2gether.

that's uncle nadesh melayan lil misters & missus ;) rajin siap prepared kids' corner lagi. ..

the boys ralit doing coloring while feasting on nuggets & fries & blue fizzy lemonade

ahmad nani as usual mesti nk take part in games. but he didnt win tis one. the kids kn collect as many candies as they could. having small hands definitely a minus  point for him. hehe.

2nd game - musical chair. pon x menang. jibby boy won tis. & nsb baik ahmad nani x bising.

nxt - dance & freeze! ok, he won tis. siap buat shuffle & robot dance bagai.

the boys wit uncle nadesh. kehausan masing2!

that's the bday boy - rayyan.

& i wore the top i bought fr poplook. matched wit same colour scarf. it's too plain so i had to accessorise - bejeweled & feather long necklace fr forever21 (bought it some time ago but worn for the 1st time that day sbb b4 cam xde outfit yg sesuai :p)

& since i was wearing top & scarf o the same color, i toned the purple look down wit tis pair o beige peep toe wedges fr vincci. & i was 3-inches taller that afternoon ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Jika ku tuliskan
sepucuk surat cinta oh bagimu
mungkinkah ia mampu
mengubah fikiranmu
tentang diriku yang sayang
menanti ketibanya hari
ke angkasa
dan kembali

ku tetap berada disisi
cinta kita bagaikan fantasi
kau lah yang ku miliki
kau lah yang ku mencari
walaupun kita dua insan
yang tak pernah memahami
diri kita yang berlainan alam
tapi takdir kita bertemu
dan ku tak akan lepaskan
perasaan ini

dan sayang mungkin kita
tak harus kekal begini
dan sayang kita harus
menempuhi realiti

--> i love tis song :) thot it's yuna's tp rupenye some singer named diandra arju- who??? so i googled her. owh ok, another youtube artiste. x kesah la pon . yg penting bleh layan ;) & she also acts.

 tp word 'ke angkasa dan kembali' adalah sedikit savage garden, dont u think so? 'i would fly to the moon & back...'. ring a bell? heee.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

struggle no more ;)

last few months, i wud go berserk each time he came home in such dirty pants...

close up. see how dirty his pants were... urghhh!

but then a fren tweeted pesanan masyarakat unt moms wit boys: try use bio sinar. it works wonders for sch uniforms. conveniently enuf, it's sold @ dhani's transit & he actually had bn bugging me to try it before but u know the thing wit 7yo kids, they wud pester u to try / buy / eat / find everything! so i sternly refused him.

but then wen tis gud fren o mine mentioned it, i bought a box that vr evening wen i fetched dhani. it cost RM 15 there. but my fren said she got it for RM 13 only. here's how it looks like...

i normally put a scoop for soaking sch uniforms & everything white. & normally it's only wit half pail o water but o course, it depends on how big the size o your load is ;) i do my laundry every 2 days now, so that explains... as u can see, it's sudsy but not excessively. & it smells nice & fresh too.since i use it, i just use bio sinar, i dont pour in clorox anymore. leave the load overnite & machine wash the nxt day. here u put in another scoop for more satisfying result. but i normally just use my ordinary detergent + softener.

& taraaaa... tis was the very same pants he wore the day before... notice the dirt's already gone. the one's left is the real hardcore old one & it was caused by tar some more, so it was harder to remove i suppose...
& look at the collar of his skolah agama uniform... see? not only the dirt's gone, his name marking is almost gone too! heee.
the sleeve o his skolah agama uniform...
his skolah agama pants... notice the dirt that always there at the end o skolah agama pants is not there anymore... phewww!
the collar o his skolah kebangsaan uniform... no more black line there!
the sleeve o his skolah kebangsaan uniform...
so, no more struggle for me ;) seriusly it took at least 1/2 o my everyday stress. thanks to my gud fren who recommended bio sinar to us. now ahmad nani can play all he wants w'out getting worried o being scolded for dirtying his outfits & i no longer spend at least 15 min almost every nite brushing & washing & rinsing & all . we're both so much happier! = hidup kami lebih bahagia! (wah sounds like a typical testimony for MLM! but i swear, i dont do MLM, ok... i dont even know if it's MLM but then, gud things must be share esp for ladies like us who have to juggle so many things in daily life... o coz we want things that could assist us in simplifying some things so that we can focus on more crucial things ie virtual shopping & hollywood gossips. hehehe)

& now, can bio sinar work its miracle if i were to soak & wash tis not so putih boy? ;p

ps: if u wanna try but u dont know where to get it, i can buy for u. i go to dhani's transit everyday anyway. & tis w'end i wanna try sprinkling bio sinar on the bathroom floor to see if it wud help get  rid o the black patches there... 

*tis isnt a 24,36,48 watever hours sponsored post ;)