Tuesday, October 9, 2012

stress buster 101

i certainly need to make effort to come here more often.
yesterday was a gud day for ahmad nani. he got off the car calmly, stepped into the sch gate, greeted the teacher on duty & walked beside his frens to cls. alhamdulillah.
so i figured, if he wud be ok tis morning, i might visit the gym. & he was ok 2day.
the gym is located @ level 2. my ofis @ level 5. it's equipped wit toilet & washrooms, wit hot & cold showers, lockers, water dispenser, flat screen tvs - the ususal gym stuff.


it was a gud 30m on the treadmill. that was all i could afford. time. time. time.

now i'm contemplating to get an exercise bike @ home. but will i be discipline enuf to fully utilise it, that's a big question there.

i shud come earlier so i could get on the elliptical cross trainer, the exercise bike, the multi gyms and mb pump some iron.

it's not to trim the waistline, it's stress buster 101 :)