Friday, December 30, 2011


hari orientasi darjah 1 ahmad nani
dh besar! seronok tgk die making frens so easily
ade placement test rupenye & me being a casual mom langsung didnt prepare him
skali mat ni tulis nama pon 3/4x erased, i started to freak out a bit hahaha
nsb as they went on, all was ok
then we went to get his writing books, text books, workbooks
& to the canteen to check on the prices of food
he'll be bringing lunch box just in case susah nk Q & all. takpon takut ralit main ms recess at least ade bekal kot x sempat beli
btw, we'll be maidless soon. wit ahmad nani's new schedule, nobody's gonna be home during daytime so buat ape nk guna maid kan...
i hope we can cope, insyaAllah

*budak yg happy finally school break's over! lately asyik call mummy every hour sbb bosan dok umah.

last bit - bumped into cik hajja & lil missy @ bookstore. wat a pleasant surprise! cik hajja makin lawa lah awak.. jeles!

Monday, December 12, 2011

rolling in the deep

the lil one spent some nites wit his dad last week.
mummy balik rs lemau semacam. haha.
mlm mummy layan naruto smbil dok tunggu 0000 hours for AA's 10th years anniversary promo
smpai la tertdo.....................

but then saya berusaha ngan gigihnye the moment i opened my eyes the nxt morning.
& managed 2 get seposen one way tickets to langkawi for me & ahmad nani. yippee!
but it's not happening until august 2012.
& it's tentatively a week aft raya. gara2 saya hanya merefer to school holiday calendar 2012, saya terover looked akan tarikh hari raya puasa 2012!
nsb baik lepas seminggu, kot awal seminggu sila beraya di langkawi :p

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dibuai ombak rindu...

if u havent watched it yet, please do. dh lama xde cite melayu yg best. i havent read the novel, not planning to. but i think it was a gud thing also lah, xde la potong dh tau ape ending.

we went on the release date. penuh cinema hall. in fact nk buat online booking pon x bleh, every single show time sume full. jln nk pegi midV pon jam x ingat!

wen i saw the snippets, i thot maya k wasnt really suitable to be the main character 'izah'. she doesnt really have that kampung girl quality. i thot she shud have swapped places wit lisa s. but then i took all that back. maya k certainly brings that 'izah' character to life. i have to agree wit my fren that maya k is really a versatile actress.

i've never bn crazee 'bt aaron a (not even aft watching ombak rindu. i'm more o adi p or the latest fascination mr johan asari @ aril in cinta elysa. heee). but still, hands down to him. his acting is sooo convincing that u just could feel the intense love towards his wife. (tp ntah ape perasaan the off screen aka real life wife tgk his on bed scene wit maya k yg berkemban... errrr...)

lisa s? never seen her in desperate character camni. at 1st she seemed a bit too young for the character. but as the story unfolded, boleh la kot she carry it.

bront palarae. ala la la la la... sweetnye mat ni punye character :) walau pon die cuma korban cinta...

tis movie has almost made me believe in love & jodoh & marriage & watever not again. s'one please shoot me dead already! :p

my post obviously doesnt do justice to the movie. go book your tix now. watch it wit your girlfrens so u can drool over aaron a togethergether. if u go wit your other half, chances are u'll have to do it covertly. hehe.

overtly or covertly, just pray u wont be sitting nxt to a couple yg lebih byk buat wayang dr tgk wayang. cinabeng aaa couple yg sat beside me tu...

ps: make sure u bring a packet o tissue. the song itself dh buat i cried buckets... huuu.