Monday, June 25, 2012

wake up call ;)

it's monday & i've got like 4000 files fr last week. ok, i exaggerated a bit, but i do have countless files that i've lost track o wic ones to make payments, wic ones to prepare memos, wic ones that just need updating. haish.

& i've only managed to send out 1 memo (aft about 500 times correcting mistakes here & there!), shot out few emails, settled 2 payments. another haish.

tis seems more than monday blues.

went to clinic earlier, met a fren fr another dept who excitedly said to me "u pregnant, kan?". i was dumfounded, couldnt suppress my inappropriate loud chuckle. "ya, that's wat i heard. some1 was looking for u & was told u were on mc. & some1 else said u're pregnant & every1 else were like... aahhh. no wonder she was on mc", said she sincerely.

dunno whether to cry or to... no. i shud be crying. i shud be feeling sori for myself.

i've let myself become tis fat & it makes ppl think i was prgnnt.

or mb i shud just paste a note on my forehead saying that i'm a single mom? mb i shud.

i told a fren 'bt it & she asked me if the ppl here have no idea 'bt my status. & i said, wat status? come on... if u use the word 'status' it feels like u're putting a label on it. & labels mostly do not have +ve connotation. unless it's designer labels. hehe. i prefer the word 'single mom' instead o 'status'. it makes me proud. just like in bahasa. if u say 'janda', it's kinda embarrassing. u use 'ibu tunggal' instead. ok, i'm ranting already.

i twitted 'bt it & a male fren playfully congratulated me. like wth??? & i said he was stupid (& i'm not sori 'bt it & i just wont be).

i know i'm not the only one who's unfortunate enuf to have had experienced tis. but we might have reacted differently dealing wit it.

a fren said 'how could they be so insensitive?'. another fren said 'i dont dare asking ppl if they were preggy, afraid that i might be wrong & it really is a sensitive issue (i rephrased tis but that's the gist)".

me? i curse myself for being in tis physical condition that allows ppl to get the impression that i'm prgnnt & cause them to bluntly come to me for assurance. & just like a cherry on top o BR ice-cream gold medal ribbon flavor, half o the ppl in that dept really thot so. & IF i had the possibility to be prgnnt in the current state, alhamdulillah. the ironic is, there wasnt any.

so ppl thot that i was prgnnt. wat a wake up call that is.

i will wake up 2moro. for 2day, let me enjoy my kfc's flaming krunch. hehehe.

verdict: it's just so so. i love my hot & spicy better ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

work trip

9 june - KL 1130am, penang 230pm.
12 june - penang 730pm, KL 1100pm

Was assigned to coordinate a conference @ traders hotel, penang. anak skippd sch, patut 2 days tp jd 3 days sbb die stil blum fully recharged. 

4 days @ penang tp x ke mane langsung. the afternoon we arrived sempat panjat 1st avenue mall, just beside the hotel. pegi beli brg2 unt conference, hadiah kuiz, items unt hamper la bagai. by the time blk hotel, it was already 9pm. konon nk pekena rojak buah gurney drive, skali langsung x larat bile nmpak katil! haha. 

The nxt day was the event itself. arrival o big bosses, participants, panelists. welcoming / opening remark followed by watever there was in the itinerary. ended wit bbq dinner. the lil one was left wit along to amuse themselves @ the cinema nearby. they watched madagascar 3, derang kata lawak gile. nsb la mall's just a stone's throw away. 

Nxt day pon same agenda. tp most bosses had to rush back to kl sbb ade PM visit. phewww. lega! Day 2 event went smooth. Mlm we were invited for a dinner @ our newly constructed admin building @ prai printing plant. Took the kids skali. ade kduri durian!!! gile la i had like 10 ulas that nite. nvr knew balik pulau durians r owh so sedap! even the lil one mkn byk. 

Day 3 was a bit kelam kabut. the hotel was running full house so we couldn't get late check out. event overan a bit, bus was already waiting since 430pm & we ended @ 6pm. sebelum blk sempat mkn cendol je @ belakang chow rasta. it was already 645pm then, nk beli jeruk pon x sempat. 

We crossd the bridge @ 8pm. ahmad nani lost consciousness the moment he got in the car, same happend to my oth 2 passengers. I was sleepy, knackered, tired beyond words. kept stepping on the accelerator sbb nk cepat smpai. nsb ade cd ust azhar idrus peneman. alhamdulillah we safely arrived @ 11pm. droppd a fren @ sri pentas & we were home the nxt 10 min.

Smpai rumah, dh x larat ape. tgk ahmad dhani terasa sayu. syukur sgt for this amazing boy. & syukur la ade along byk tlg itu ini. I fell asleep on couch wit that day's attire stil on. 12am I felt a soft lips pressing mine, & I heard a soft voice saying "mummy, I can't sleep. can I sleep wit u?" 

Aft an exhausting work trip, a tight hug fr the lil guy was really a blessing. alhamdulillah.