Thursday, May 17, 2012

kosong... NOT.

Kau melihat diriku
Seperti sesuatu
Yang mencabar dirimu
Akal dan mindamu

Kau mendustaiku
Kau bilang mereka tak tahu
Siapa diriku
Sedangkan kau juga begitu

Segala kata cacian
Yang telah engkau berikan
Membuatku rasa

Setiap detik diperhatikan
Kau cari cara putar belitkan
Kau jadikan diriku

Kini aku bangkit
Membuktikan yang ku tak sakit
Dengan segala perit yang kau berikan

Kini aku pantas berjalan
Bergerak ke hadapan
Dan akan ku buktikan
Siapa diriku yang sebenar

Segala kata cacian
Yang telah engkau berikan
Membuatku rasa
Kosong .. kosong 

Setiap detik diperhatikan
Kau cari cara putar belitkan
Kau jadikan diriku

Segala kata cacian
Yang telah engkau berikan
Membuatku rasa

tis is our currect fav song. wenever the song is aired both mom & son wud sing along siap berjoget bagai. hehe. unlike her other 2 hits yg i personally think x best langsung, tis song is quite catchy. mb tis is the only song wit lyric yg x overly perasan. yes, if u notice her earlier hits both self-acclaimed 'i'm the pretty one that's why the boy fell for me'. bluekkk! 

nway, coming back to kosong, that's certainly doesnt represent our life tis days. 2moro's thursday then friday. w'ends are now spent at dhani's mama's house. our kemas-rumah-on-w'ends routine is now out the window. the bigger dhani gets, the more his mama wants him to be around as much possible. agaknye kalau boleh she wants us to move back in wit them. ni awal2 dh requested us to spend the month o ramadhan there. 

so for the past how many w'ends, we've bn packing our bags every friday & off we go to mama's. saturday & sunday morning kaum2 ibu have swimming lessons. hehe. alhamdulillah aft about 12 hours o lessons i now can swim. yeay! tho at the age of 34 *blush blush*. it was a challenge at 1st. funny how it seems so simple wen others are doing it but wen u actually try it, baru tau how difficult it is to get your hands to synchronise wit your legs & how hard it is to make your body float at the same time. but alhamdulillah, i've passed frog style walau stil huru hara but hey... ok wat? now we're learning free style wic i think is easier to do but more tiring compared to frog style.

8am on w'end morning. gigih!

the month o april was both mama & mummy's bday month. so we went out quite frequently for w'end lunches & dinners. same thing's bn happening in may in celebration of mothers day ;) 

lunch @ o'briens wit abg iman post the avengers

 BR treat post dinner wit mikel yg gedebob

 mummy yg gedebob ;p

mkn ni mane x gedebob! tartufo @ italiannies

one w'end we followed mama balik kolo pilah to visit nenek & atok. tempat wajib pegi ialah pasar & kedai tudung kwn mama. hehe.

 hi-way ganti bukit putus (eh ye ke? ye la kan?)

 mentang lah it was only kolo pilah, i simply wore a mismatched leopard print leggings wit red tshirt. hehe. & orange tudung! ;p

 had nasi lemak smbal sotong @  an old school kopitiam by the roadside :)

mama bought 4kg tulang for her & 2kg for me wic i later made sup tulang & brought to ofis :)

bought selendang @ mama's fren's boutique. the exact same one costs 75 @ ariani. sold for 35 here. super like!

one w'end we went to curve to get abg iman's drum set. but we spent more time @ daiso & nichii than at yamaha. bengkek je the boys esp the big one lah sbb the lil one was also amused by watever stuff @ daiso :p

 abg & adik

 mat ni pulak yg lebih2 test nmpak. hehe.

 wat i got fr daiso (paid by  mama. she said use 1 bill lah, easier. i took out some notes & she pushed the notes back to me. hehehe)

 the cuties ;)

the occupants. super love!

we normally go out for only 2 hours, 3 max. the big boy doesnt have the patient to leave his online games for too long. balik rumah the moms sambung project. kalau rajin tolong mama kemas her wardrobe lah, kemas tudung lah, kemas hbags lah, kemas mekap lah, kemas accessories lah... 
 brooches maintaining & repairing session (hers)

mine (sad). 70% was either gifted by, taken or borrowed fr but never meant to be returned  (even sadder! :p)

if there's no mengemas project, i'd make us something out o the ordinary. bkn out o ordinary apa sgt lah, just stuff i rarely make. 

 strawberry smoothies


 choc milkshake (i used milo instead sbb xde choc. pndai2 je kan... heee)


abg iman used to be most irritated by dhani's room invasion. he wud stay lockd in his room. he hated it wen the lil one pestered him for his desktop, his ipod, his ipad, his iphone, his ps, his drawing block, his color pencils, in short, his everything. but tis lately, die cam almost impatient to wait for dhani's arrival. the reason being is...

they're infected wit euro fever!

he's so into football at the moment so i got him tis :)

my sister rarely cooks. she only does so on special occasions. & also wen she has something to shout about in her cooking. such as... 

limited edition that was flown all the way fr tawau

& my sister always have somewhere to go or something to find or appointments due on w'ends. giant kota dsara lah, giant kelana jaya lah, tesco lah, pkns shah alam lah, wangsa maju lah, jalan TAR lah, masjid india lah etc etc etc. & before tis she never wanted me to drive her around. she preferred mak atik. she only resorted to me if mak atik couldnt make it. tu pon as teman, still not as her driver. but lately she has started to have some confidence in my driving ability. so saya jd driver lah. cuma wit me, she cant simply sit back & relax, she has to be my human gps lest she wants us to get lost 2gethergether.  ok, now i know why she refused to let me drive her that often, i'm sgt bodosss wen it comes to roads & direction! hahaha.

found these books @ one o the bookstores @ pkns. a very commendable effort to promote jawi learning among kids. dhani had so much fun wit riddles fr 'cubalah teka'.

that's our w'end routines. as for tis coming one, we've already got a list o xtvts lined up for us. saturday: swimming cls for mummy, 1st football training for dhani @ skttdi (1). best o luck, darlz! sunday: we're going hiking @ broga hill wit mummy's  uni frens. ntah bleh ke x pompuan gemuk ni panjat bukit??? huwa huwa huwa. & there;s his wudo class yg ntah bile nk smbung, 

kosong? most definitely not! yeay, w'end is approaching fast!