Sunday, June 22, 2014

Have I actually found it?

My blogginh mojo i mean. Hmm I wonder. Hehe. I suddenly have tis urge to write. Xthing specific, just random stuff. Mb coz I just miss writing as much as I miss travelling. I notice since I stopped blogging, my language has become so rusty & that's obviously not gud. & I also have not bn reading. Not bn exercising. Not bn wearing heels. Not bn wearing make up. Not bn dressing decently & appropriately for office as well as for leisure. Not bn taking care of my house (tis seriusly hasn't bn done in months!). Not bn emphasising & helping dhani enuf wit his sch matters. 

Haha sounds like I haven't bn living at all! Wat i have bn doing is that I've bn steadily gaining A LOT of weight. Seriusly, like so much weight. Darn! I'm overweight in fact. I nd to lose like at least 7kg, but ideally it shud be 10-12kg. How am I possibly gonna do that? Die lah!

I did try running only like twice. I actually loved it. But frankly, I appreciate my rest days more than my love for running. Work's bn taking a toll on me that wenever I'm free of work, I wud prefer to spend it wit either sleep, being wit dhani or both. That explains the condition my house is in now. One word: horrible. Hehe. & that explains why I haven't bn inviting anyone or even letting anyone visit us. The only visitors accepted are dhani's frens. I hope they wudnt tell their parents how messy dhani's house is. Huh. 

How's dhani? Owh he's great! Getting taller tho amongst his frens he's almost the smallest. He's enjoying sch. He can play badminton. Can u freaking believe that? He plays badminton & he's quite gud at it. He still goes to drum class but I admit I'm fully responsible for his poor attendance resulting in his not so excellent drum skill acquisition these days. But I promise I'll improve. 

Above is picture collage fr my ig. I'm now active @ ig but I assure u that u wudnt see my selfie like every 5 min la. These photos were fr our getaways. 

& now... I miss being away.