Thursday, April 26, 2012

take me places...

yes they do... books take me places... places i've nvr bn before, places i might not even be able to reach but am dying to explore: the cultures, the food, the sceneries...
they let me be someone i wish i were, someone i could nvr be... or mb if i just give myself a lil nudge, i could... just mb...
they r my saviour. they help beat depression.. or at least it's comforting to be reassured o one thing: watever shites i've had to endure or will have to endure, it's not as bad as some other souls have to battle...

if i were to leave tis place (not that i am any time soon), the book sale is one o the things i wud definitely miss. i've promised not to spend on anything tis month since the car insurance + road tax are due, but i couldnt resist these... got me hard cover shanghai girls by lisa see for 19.90 (rp69.90), man & wife by tony parson for 17.90 (rp45), waiting by ha jin for 17.90 (rp 59.30) & i also got dhani yertle the turtle (by dr seuss) floor puzzle for 24.90. book xcess opens a booth here almost every month and it's always a day or two aft our payday. wat a cunning tactic!

how i wish i could just splurge & splurge & splurge on just anything. but for a single mom wit tis income,  it'd be irresponsible to do that. as long as all essentials r met, alhamdulillah, other urges could wait :)

mb wen ahmad dhani shetopot is big & successful, he'll have the chance to go places, explore cultures, experience food, soak up sceneries of all the places i could only read now... & if he stil loves me the way he does now, mb he'd let me tag along. who knows... hehe.

insyaAllah ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cheap? doesnt matter ;)

had bfast wit a gud fren @ mcD damansara damai on saturday. otw back, gatal nk check our SSF nearby my house area.

mat kecik was more than happy to help wit the trolley. org dh kenyang, dpt pulak mcD hotcakes + iced milo pagi2.
i got these. they were cheapo - square tin (top right) was only 2.30, the 3 round medium ones 5.00 each & the big ones 7++.

operasi cheapo deco started once we got home. 1st was removing the dangling deco light fr our tv rack...
to here ;) it looks much nicer at nite. yes, i dont like too much light, on weekdays we only let the pendaflour light on wen dhani does his homework. pastu we just switch on tis deco light & 2 other floor lamps + some scented candles ;)

2nd was the dining table. i bought new plate mats but they are put underneath the white ones coz they dont look very nice laid there on their own. at 1st i felt like it was quite a waste but on 2nd thot, since the white ones dont really function well as plate mats, they were just perfect to be paired. yeay!

& the center piece is a zen candle holder, a bday gift :)

then for a change o look, i put tis cloth on our book rack, just to add some colors to our solemn living room. it's not even a table runner, it's actually some kind o selendang given by my sister. she got it wen she visited makasar last year. it's made o bugis silk. i love the stripes ;)

that's my reading lamp there surrounded by candle holders. & that tabung needs to be reachable for dhani at all time ;)

our old plate mats. not meant for heavy duty. so wat i did was i glued the strands back 2gether and use them to deco our tv rack ;)

our new aquarium. can u see our pet guppy fantail fish? ;) too bad they died few hours later. mb it was the water or the stones. the aquarium cost 24 only (50% off fr ssf defect corner)

nxt, came the challenging chores. hanging these strands o deco curtain.

these were the old ones for dhani's room.

replaced wit these ;) 2 inggit each. at 1st i thot o buying more tis w'end, but if there are too many, they will get tangled easier, so i've decided to just let them be.

these ones were at my room. also 2 inggit each fr ssf (but out o stock already now).

i replaced them wit these. somehow, the look isnt wat i had visualised. haha. mb i need to add more strands, or make them longer. it just doesnt have the groovy look i actually wanted. these cost 4.70 each.

we also got these tin boxes. i was thinking o storing my cosmetics in here. dhani got 1 also for him, using it to keep the money he's bn saving.

look, he was also bz helping me around the house. attaboy!

smpai kepenatan & tergolek! hehe.

& can u spot my car key in there? kot terbuang, naya! ;p

& we made tis card for 20 inggit. it entitles u for further discount on top o existing discount or discount on normal priced items. cool. just wat a bargain hunter like me need ;)

* i forgot 'bt these tins. they're used to store tea, milk, milo, coffee. nice & look vr organised, dont they? but they arent air-tight so i stil keep the packaging on.

it's not much, but i love it. cheap? doesnt matter ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

new tenant

we have a pair of pet fish. not a pair as in male & female pair, i think both r female. i took them fr a gud fren's house. she's got like a hundred o them in her giant deco clay pot in her garden. i scooped 'bt 8 o them but Allah loved them more (boleh gitu? :p). so we're left wit only a pair.

that's how guppy fantail fish looks like. ours r in no condition to be photographed at the moment. hehe. according to that fren o mine, the prettier ones, wit exaggerated colourful fantails r actually male while the plain looking ones wit only one stripe on their bodies, wit ordinary tails unlike fans at all, are female. ya, it sucks to be them huh? :p

ok, enuf 'bt guppy fish. so, for the past two weeks, i've been coming home to tis...

it didnt really bother me. w'out much fuss, i diligently swept it all & threw it in the trash bin. i thot there was a bird building its nest somewhere OUTSIDE the house. only yesterday it hit me that...

we have tis very-rarely-opened cabinet above the washer. so i took a peek...

ahah! somebody's bn busy!

hello there!!! i dont remember signing any lease agreement wit u???

* i havent met the 'tenant' yet.

update: ok, we've met. it flew out o its nest upon hearing the noise i made. it's mynah bird. hehe.

mb dhani shud teach it to talk. that'd be fun! ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

i dont simply shop anymore

i look for great bargains. hehe. me being a cheapskate + who doesnt like gud bargains, kan?
here's a list o websites that offer an array o great bargains for various products, be it travel packages, household items, beauty products, car accessories, tech gizmos, events, and everyone's favourite - food! & many more!


my two top websites are groupon & mydeal. so far i'm a very satisfied customer. for our recent kuching trip, i purchased a 3d2n stay @ merdeka palace hotel for RM359 (it was worth RM 1090) that got my kuching frens gaping! same wit our 3d2n at paradise sandy beach resort for our penang trip that cost RM 359 (worth RM 1160) as well as our bandung trip, 4d3n stay at amaris hotel for RM 369 (worth RM 868). to me they were all seriusly terrific deals especially for people like me who refuse to miss holidays but have limited funds. haha. & then there were redbox, spa, car tinting (i purchased for a fren), posters vouchers & many more ;)

it's so easy to burn a big hole in our pockets these days huh. just lie there on our comfy couch, wit laptop or netbook on our laps, or a tablet or hp in our hands, & just click away... the downside o tech, i may say... hehe.

put virtual shopping aside, 50%, 70%, 80% banners / buntings / promos by the road sides or on outlet glass walls are surely inviting & could be a bit hard to resist, no? & also on newspapers & flyers. sigh. why are they doing tis to us? it's sweet torture, that's wat all these bargains are! dont blame them, we are the ones who shud exercise more self control.

yerritee! look who's talking ;p but at least i only buy wen things are on sale! & i mean, real sale.

RM 80 for both during vinci sale, 50% off
2 lip balms & compact powder for RM 63.40, 80% off
15 pcs mix & match dining ware fr kk home deco mart, RM 62.00
lil cuties set o 3 fr ikea, RM 6.90 each set

happy happy happy ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012

guess who???

me! me! me!

alhamdulillah. i'm blessed that i'm stil surrounded by the people i heart very much & i hope they do heart me too :)

alhamdulillah. life's been very kind to me :)


Thursday, April 5, 2012


 periksa skolah agama. he's at 7th place (out o 40 kids). i'd say not bad. his dad said not bad at all ;) 
he got 100% for jawi & 96% for arabic. 
the rest between 64%-78%. but failed his tauhid, 40%. 

he's only 7 but st times it feels like he's so much older than that. he's assistant class monitor therefor he's selected to attend 'kursus kepimpinan kecil'. 
berkursus at 7yo? hah! no need to go to kidzania lah, tis is big guys stuff already ;)

he's also a member o KPJ. wen asked wat KPJ is, he said 'kelab ahli jenayah'!
no no no. i think it's 'kelab pencegah jenayah' lah ;p