Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i just have to blog tis

his sch shoes 2day. 1/3 o me wanted to cry, 1/3 o me wanted to really really really scold him, another 1/3 o me wanted to just toss the pair in the dumpster.

but then... it suddenly hit me: he's 7. & he's a boy. tis is just wat a normal, happy, adventurous 7-year old boy does. i was just like tis wen i was at that young age. i remember, on numerous occasions, getting home soaked in mud for playing 'polis sentri' or 'ram ram rep' or just simply running & chasing each other on the vast school field. bonda never complained much. & ayahanda was the one who washed my sch shoes clean wen he got back fr our fruit orchard...

blogging 'bout tis makes me smile... the earlier exhaustion now doesnt feel that pressing anymore...  may tis boy who's sleeping peacefully beside me get a chance to enjoy a childhood like i did... if bonda could do it wit 6 girls + 1 beloved husband, surely i could too... + i dont have a husband to attend to, so i should really be able to... insyaAllah.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wat he learns in school...

he brings back & kelentong me... some instances:

situation 1
'mummy, u know wat is kaifa haluka?'
'yes, it's how are u, kan?'
'eh pandai la, mummy... wat's the answer?'
'ana bilkhair?'
'waaa... terer! wat is it?'
'ntah, forgotten already'
'it means, alhamdulillah, i'm fine'
'mane ade alhamdulillah la... i'm fine je'
'hahahhaha how do u know??? hahahaha'

situation 2
'wat is ahlan wasahlan?'
'i dont know... tell me'
'it means itu seorang budak perempuan'
'hahhahaha hahahahahahaha hahahhahahaha'

& tis painting we did together is awarded A+ and pasted at the back o his class :)

Monday, February 20, 2012


he has stoppd crying @ sch. alhamdulillah. senang ati.

& finally i've started going to the ofis gym. gotta shed some weight & turn tis flab into fab! eceh. smangat. but seriusly, i've gained 10kg since november 2010. that is like 10kg in lebih kurang 1y. & i have never bn tis heavy, not even wen i was pregnant, i was only 46kg then. now i'm 47-48kg. i cant fit into most o my outfits. kebaya langsung x boleh sarung pon. huwaaa!

it's not so much o getting thin, dpt pakai smula office attires pon dh alhamdulillah. now mmg sadly, i cant. & skipping meals feels like the hardest thing to do these days.

i hope daily morning gym routine will help. & i hope i'll be able to restrain myself fr makan x tentu hala. chaiyok!

DAY 1 - 47.1kg / 3.5 laps on the treadmill wit 100 calorie burnt / 10 min on elliptical / 10 min on stretching equipment

bfast - karipap & donut & plain hot coffee
lunch - 1/2 nasi, pucuk paku msk lemak, kobis grg, telur masin
dinner - nasi, asam pds ayam (ok, ku akui yg ini adalah fail! huhuhu)

let's see the progress ye :)

meanwhile, enjoy pixs o ahmad nani @ sch...

thursday assembly 

& he was standing beside me watching other kids. sigh. tp syukur lah x nangis.

the next day he was greeted & cheered by his fellow classmates wen he arrived. alhamdulillah x nangis.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


i saw the ad on harian metro dated bile ntah, so i twitted (or is it tweeted?) 'bt it. i wanted to bring ahmad nani, big bad wolf sale was quite an experience for him (we went twice & i became poorer by almost 400 then. but we were ecstatic!)

aunty kay went & tweeted (or is it twitted??) that it's worth going so biasa lah, gud things MUST be shared kan... we planned to go 2gether on saturday (to day lah). we were supposed to meet up s'where & go to the sale 2gether but i had my 1st swimmg lesson that ended later than expected. so it was a chain reaction - i was late --> we went to fetch auntie dd & k1 late --> we arrived @ subang late. sian auntie kay & ajib berakar tgu kiteorg. sudahnye the didnt get to go to the sale wit us sbb ajib had his 1st taekwando session la pulak...

deco o ostrich yg the boys sempat abused! mummy cuak kot it breaks, jwb!!!

the sale was at subang avenue's ground floor. plentiful books o all sorts. children books collection is extensive, as well as novels but not many notable authors were seen. books are priced at as low as RM 1, & the most expensive are around RM 15 ke if i'm not mistaken. their stationery corner is also very inviting, i was all itched to get those colourful sets of pens or watever super cute stuff sold there.

aft 'bt 1++ hour riffling thru, these r wat we brought home :)

not many famous author but i wudnt miss these. wanted to buy 'the last empress' @ BBW tp was unsure, got it confused wit 'the empress orchid' wic i have read. & i even bought 'pearl o china' too. RM 10 each (they r the bigger size o novels. normal-sized novels cost RM 8 each).

was actually looking for deco books, but nowhere in sight. i got myself tis book. i've always loved cactus. i've started planting them again but 2 plants have died. sayang je. now i'm itched to have another trip to cameron hiland to get some more of them. RM 20

it's a book that teaches u to build your own deco lamp. nice huh? and for RM 5, it's even nicer!

some art books - 'modernism & abstraction', 'the figure in watercolor'. RM 10 each.

there r many tie-in books. i was contemplating to get some but then i put them back. i only bought tis for my nephew. RM 8

i was determined not to be greedy & not to be tempted by any cook books. the ones i got @ BBW have remained literally untouched since they were put on the shelves. balik2 aku msk asam pds, msk lemak, asam pds, msk lemak. but these come wit RM 1 tag. only RM 1. u kidding me??? fyi, i've put on so much weight that i cant fit into most o my clothes :( mari lah mengamalkn cara memasak + cara mkn yg btul. i got muself ' low-fat, healthy heart food, low cholesterol, detox, low GI & fit food. and all for only RM 6.

mat kecik only requested me to get him tis. it's an organiser for kids, ade stickers bagai. RM 3

luckily auntie dd bought tis for k1, if not x perasan jwbnye. it's magic colour wit self-inked stamps on the tips of its cap. super cute! i bet it's gonna come handy nnt ni. RM 12

dhani had a set of tis maped colour that we bought @ bandung in 2009 kot. compared to other brands like steadtler luna, stabilo swan or faber-castell, the colour pencils produce much better results wen applied. i thot it's nolt sold here, rupenye ade. i bought 2 sets: 1 for dhani, 1 for mikhail.

last but not least, i just had to buy tis. it's only RM 5. dont ask me why, flipping thru, i just fell in love wit the presentation o the contents :)

the boys yg dh tdo. sure penat.

* mcm nk pegi lagi la. td i flipped thru 'diana's fashion & styles' and also 'madonna in art' & tingat smpai la ni... uhuhuuu.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i nd 2 finish my project 2nite, mom!

ahmad nani adalah agak skema wen it comes 2 homework. 
so every nite aft dinner (kadang b4 dinner pon) he wud check his small hwork notebook to check on his hwork. owh tis hwork notebook hanye die yg knows how 2 decipher. i took a peek once & ntah ape2 yg he jotted down, hanye die yg tau. he's kinda got his own system la agaknye :p

ptg td, abis je die mandi, he yelled at me 'i nd 2 finish my project 2nite, mom!'. he was asked to bring a shoes box, wrapping paper, color paper, glue, scissors & cellophane tape for his art class. we got all these in his doodle drawers (konon tiru mr maker! :p) except for wrapping paper. & we used to have newsprint tp aritu ms de-cluttering session boleh plak i threw it away. so we only had manila card. (pastu his dad left some bubble wrapper, & mat ni mati2an nk bw bubble wrapper, ntah nk buat ape tp gasak kan je lah!). so off he went wit manila card & bubble wrapper as substitute for wrapping paper. 

skali tgk his artwork, kesian la sgt... ye lah imagine wrapping a box wit manila card for a 7yo. kemek2, senget2 here there everywhere. dh manila card pink karer... jd lah pink karer car. x smpai ati tgk, so i helped him make tis...

warna oren, siap plate no. CBT 204* lagi tu. 'i dont want it to be your car, i want dada's car'. ye lah... anak dada...

& few minutes later, dh terlungkup tdo mat ni... 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

flee. fled. fled.

did i forget to mention that the maid fled on the very same day & tho i'm now maidless, my stress level is much lower esp early in the morning. she wasnt all that bad, mmg la. tp aft she left, i discovered so many crappy things that she had done. mmg susah ade maid if xde org monitor @ home. it did cross my mind to have cctv installed @ home tp tu la, i trusted people too much too easily lah agaknye kan... i wont get a maid anymore aft tis, insyaAllah. dhani's daily arrangement pon nmpak ok & he's begun to cope wit spending that much time outside the comfort o his own house quite well now. i actually prefer him staying @ transit aft sch coz they provide mengaji lesson every afternoon & the place is rite nxt to a park wit playground & jogging track so dhani gets to beriadah under supervision every afternoon. alhamdulillah. wen he was in kindy dulu, he went swimmg every afternoon, tp since he's started schooling he could only go swimming on w'ends. but now, he plays football wit frens @ transit tiap2 ptg. he even asks me to enroll him in soccer kids program @ SD masjid that he got to know fr his fren. tgk la, insyaAllah dh lega2 nanti we can go get some info :)

tis w'end we managed not to go out at all. tu yg skolah ganti on saturday pon we missed. in my defense tho it wasnt entirely my fault, blame it on the phone alarm that had refused to work on that particular morning :p but he did go to skolah agama, in fact he was nagging at me to make sure that i wud send him to sch. smangat sungguh mat kecik saya :) saturday was spent doing the usual stuff working moms do on w'ends - mengurus rumah. i seriusly could do all on my own. seriusly. except... ironing the clothes. & folding them.

but someone's gotta do it still, aint it? & there's only me...

& so i took all that i needed & set them in front o the tv & i just ironed away... :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY unwind 2012

last CNY we went to KB to attend a gud fren's wedding, only to find out that the wedding was tragically called off. but it was stil an enjoyable trip. managed to visit another gud fren & my ex-students :)

tis year's CNY, we went for an all-girls (dhani was the only guy!) shoppg  trip to bandung. ours was the earliest flight & we were awfully late! we ran across lcct, fearing that the plane wud  leave w'out us. our frens were all seated & worried that we wudnt make it on time. poor ahmad nani was made to sprint for about 15 minutes & we were both really running out o breath. we werent late on purpose tho. i had a very very very tiring week. the nite prior to our departure, we went to tropicana medical center to visit my nephew who was down wit influenza b (or was it b+? b-? not too sure already). i got home so knackered, hadnt done our packing & too exhausted to it so i had to get up at 430am to do it. huuu.

tho it was all insane that morning, we managed to get on that darn flight. heee.

touched down! hello bandung :)

the cold & windy tangkuban perahu

kawah ratu

a must shot!

buying & bargaining

they really went mad shopping @ bandung!

there werent too many pixs. as excited as we (i mean, me & dhani) were, it felt so familiar that we couldnt really be bothered to pose here & there. in fact i spent much time resting, sleeping, recovering fr the exhausting week. & the lil one wanted to only see his dad actually... & spend time wit him :)