Friday, February 18, 2011

sugar sugar lady!

 went 2 delicious MV alone 2 have a quick sugar fix. ordered myself classic choc cake topped wit vanilla ice-cream & melted choc and also a piece o red velvet.  walloped the whole piece o choc cake w'out any guilt but couldnt make room 4 the red velvet so it went in2 the box 2 be bought home & shared wit the kids :)

yesterday... i was so heartbroken by an incident. but 2day, insyaAllah i'm better. wen misfortune happens, it either makes me stronger or weaker, it either makes me better or worse. & i've vowed to be stronger & better. thank you Allah...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's not wrong

ahmad: mom, at school 2day my fren askd me where is my dad...
me: & wat did u say?
ahmad: i didnt answer him...
me: why?
ahmad: because i'm ashamed...
me: why were u ashamed?
ahmad: because i dont have a dad...
me: ahmad, u have a dad. u have dada.
ahmad: but dada not here wit us...
me: yup, he's not here wit us. but he comes 2 see u wenever he could, kan? u have a dad.
ahmad: but why he dont live wit us? he dont love us?
me: he cant live wit us anymore. because he doesnt wanna be wit me anymore. but he loves u. he always loves u, he told u that, kan?
ahmad: yes...
me: u understand, rite? he loves u but he cant be wit us all the time anymore because he doesnt wanna be wit me. it's not your fault, he loves u. got it?
ahmad: yes, got it.
me: & u must not be ashamed wen people ask u 'bt your dad, ok. u do have a dad. it's just that he doesnt live wit us any longer... & that is not wrong ok...
ahmad: ok...
me: u do understand, rite? it's ok not to have a dad at home... it's ok to just have your mom... mummy syg nani, dada pon syg nani... we love u, it's just that we cant be together anymore... nani paham x?
ahmad: yes... but dada love me kan, mummy? he always told me that...
me: yes... he loves u very much...

Allahuakbar... tis boy is getting smarter day by day. it pains me 2 see him going thru all tis... & there'll be more & more questions, more & more incidents like tis...

but it's ok... insyaAllah we'll face them 2gether, ya sayang...

& yes, it's not wrong not 2 have a dad at home. it's not wrong 2 only have your mom... it's not wrong, my dear ahmad dhani... watever it is, your dada loves u, u must now that...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shaolin 2011

andy lau, nicholas tze, jackie chan (special appearance), fan bing bing- tu je yg saya kenal. it's bn ages since i last watched chinese movies so i'm kinda lost track of who's who.
nway, shaolin 2011 is quite a disappointment. yes, i'm a killjoy, i know :p it's a typical shaolin plot, nothing new. nick tze as the villain x sekejam mane (tp masih menyakitkn ati sgt2), jackie chan as usual wit his accidental hero role, andy lau... well... quite moving la his acting, losing his only daughter out o power greed & misjudgement. the scene yg ank die mati tu made my lil one sobbed. huhuhu.

prior 2 movie, ahmad had his 1st wudo lesson @ the nearby chinese school. wudo is a combination of chinese kungfu + many other martial arts. i also didnt  know tis, not until last week wen we went 2 have a look. i actually was searching high & low for tae kwan do class. the nearest then was @ OU and it costs 150 a month. ntah camne tergerak nk tgk chinese school ni & yes, they have it & it costs only a fraction of wat the class @ OU charge. RM20 a month. yes. RM20 only.

i'm gonna have my own donnie yen soon :)

now i need 2 tell him that watever he learns is for self-defense & to protect those around him. eceh. mcm btul bleh jd tahap donnie yen? but seriusly, he needs 2 be told that, kalau x sume org kang die WACHAAAA!!!

aft wachaaa session, we were both starving (x sempat proper breakfast punye kes, sempat buat bread wit peanut butter spread je for ahmad) so we headed 2 kepong village mall, the nearest to our place.

& we tried tis place... espresSOUP. not bad... not bad at all :)

they have soups (clam chowder, pumpkin soup, mushroom soup, chicken cream soup, etc etc etc)

owh tis boy had mushroom soup wit 2 pcs o garlic bread at first... x cukup! tambah lagi 5 pcs but x abis pulak... hehe. & yes, he's a tea lover, just like me :D

a fun-filled federal territory day :)

also known as 'my 1st trip 2 the national museum' :)
alhamdulillah the one day break was optimised melayan my lil miracle.
went back 2 rawang 2 visit atok & mak wan & everyone there. managed 2 get the car serviced (if u want 2 have yours serviced at a very very reasonable price, do lemme know ok. org melayu kita, harga ok, servis pon satisfying). now senang ati lah if jalan jauh :)
sempat melayan my dear 7m preggy SIL y sgt lah teringin mkn chillied beef + lady fingers.
left mak wan's house quite early coz aunT kay & ajib were already waiting @ the national museum.

my mission is 2 cut down on mall trips & do more outdoor xtvts + educational visits. & tis visit was actually impromtu. & yes, i've become a very impromtu / impulsive person these days. rase nk pegi, pegi rase nk redah, redah. as long as there's some RMsss in my purse, as long as the car in a gud condition & most importantly, as long as ahmad dhani is sihat walafiat :)

magnificent dragon head

boys having fun wit the interactive display of the silk road

couldnt really tell wat the sculpture actually was...

mesmerising artifact


borobudur, we will come one day!

another interactive display

boys amazed at the life-sized dummies

more dummies...

fort of love & frenship & everything beautiful in life :)

reenactment of perjanjian pangkor (or something)


angkasawan shenomot :)


yummy footies (kay yg kata... :p)

no comment... no comment...

ahmad, please stand properly nxt time eh...

& please muka tu elok sket eh...

serupa tp x sama?


last piece...

alhamdulillah. seronok ahmad dhani. along pon seronok. mummy lagiii lah seronok (walau penat sebenarnye & now it's already 1.11am & i cant sleep lah pulak...).

nxt edu trip --> balai senilukis negara (national art gallery). it's been a while since we went there. & funny thing is, i dont know how 2 get there pon. xpe, sesat kt kl, xkan smpai london punye... :p

there are so many places we havent been to. it's ok, ahmad... we have all the time in the world just for us. yg penting ade rezeki, sihat tubuh bdn.... insyaAllah, smpai lah kite...