Friday, August 17, 2012

lusa hari raya

yes, x sedar. i'm stil at the ofis tho, writing tis entry in between completing proposals & budgets & crossing my fingers for a yes fr new manager unt get off work, if not two, one hour early pon xpe. i havent packed anything yet. raya stuff still @ SD home. we went back only once aft a month. the dust is already an inch thick! i plan to sweep & mop the floor at least b4 we go back for raya coz rite aft raya we need to move back into our own crib.

not much xtvt in ramadhan. didnt even go for berbuka gempak @ hotels ke ape. but alhamdulillah, managed to catch up wit dear family & close frens.

went to visit aunt rozie & family one fine afternoon @ jb. they look great & i feel so happy for them esp dear fren, rozie. alhamdulillah, btul kata rozie, hijrah yg membawa keberkatan. rozie nmpak sihat, happier than i last saw her & much slimmer too! jeles i yg gumuks ni! :p
sempat pegi visit & berbuka wit atok, mak wan, along, acik & umairah walau we arrived @ 745pm. alhamdulillah dpt dhani berbuka wit his granparents & cousins. seronok the kids. mak made us some raya cookies, mmg x penah lupa every year :) 

returning fr mak wan we went to visit aunt dd, uncle mudon, k1 & afan. we arrived at 10ish. heee cam x blaja adab menziarah kwn2. that was the only time i could allocate. but aunt kay & jib came later. hahaha. nsb lah dh berkawan more than 20 years, masing2 dh kenal perangai. these are the friends who have become my sisters, the kind who wud stick around thru thick & thin, come wat may i guess... walau at times ade terasa ati, tersentap, terkucil sana sini situ sikit... but we love each oth stil. & the kids love to be around each oth too :)
we had dinner wit mak atik & mikel. bn months since we last saw them. ntah ape mak atik kecik ati wit us, kite pon x tau. i kinda miss hanging out wit them. i honestly told her that i dont want her to keep a distance fr us, she's literally my baby sister & that i want dhani grow up loving mikel & treating him like his own brother. she must have bn very hurt that watever i said has fallen on deaf ears. sigh.

wat's our raya plan? i have two: 1) beraya sakan smpai lebam. go visit every all close frens & attend watever invitation fr whoever OR 2) stay home, lock the door, layan running man & catch up on movies that we missed, go out only to get s'thing to eat. i'd probably do the latter, it's sound easier to accomplish. hehe.

duit raya dh setel seawal week 2 of ramadhan. vr convenient coz a colleague o ours helped us to get the crisp newly printed notes for us. alhamdulillah.

kuih raya agak menyalah2 sikit. silap order so ended up i didnt get the roll cakes. xpe la. we can always take half of dhani's mama's portion. hehe.

i went to clinic tis afternoon to get meds supply just in case i catch demam raya. hehe.

web check in for our (mis)scheduled langkawi trip's settled. i sooo need tis getaway, raya or not. but now dh contemplating sbb as usual mestilah kakak@ bising. sebenarnye x kesah pon if they make noise je but then dhani's mama lah dok pujuk2 not to go. haish. i sooo need a getaway where i can be wit my son, alone.

& here's my son. dh besar, dh bleh pakai kain pelikat la la la la... ;)

& here's wat happend bgn pagi. hehe.


selamat balik kg, safe journey semua :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

qaseh paedatric ward, dsara specialist hosp

* tis entry was composed a day aft dhani was discharged fr dsh. just sharing info on QASEH paediatric ward, dsh...

we spent 3d2n @ dsara specialist hosp earlier tis week. dhani was admitted due to lungs infection aft a week long intermittent fever that was caused by throat infectn. i knew i shud have requested for him to be admitted wen we came for the 1st check up but silly me, i didnt. darn! how come i nvr learn??? i let my son suffer for a week b4 getting the proper treatment. sigh. incidents like tis often make me feel like an inadequate mom. but nway...
i myself have bn in & out o the ofis since last week. monday in, tuesday wednesday out, thursday half day, friday out. & i've not bn going to ofis since monday. one whole wk. i'm not even sure if i stil have any leaves left but i dont really care anymore. if by any chance i'm made to take unpaid leave, so be it.
dhani's recuperating well despite his obvious weight loss. & he's started eating more now. he hasnt bn fasting since last monday. poor boy. he was so excited to fast & all, but then Allah knows best... so now the mission is to feed him more, to make him gain much weight b4 raya comes or else i'll have to tie all his raya pants wit strings on the waist!

here's some pixs o our 3d3n 'getaway'. tis was our 2nd stay @ dsh. his 1st was in end o 2010. same case. we went to see doc musa & we've bn seeing him ever since.

& dsh has opened their new paedatric ward qaseh. very kid-friendly, wit cheerful decoration, complete wit a big playroom. even the nurse station is decorated like a big circus wagon wit bright colours.

the ward room has homey touch to it. they provide a built-in cabinets for patients to deposit their stuff. the rooms r painted like a simple interior like tose of a princess room. kids wud just love it!

 monday nite
 tuesday morning
 wednesday nite
 a week later
 admitted. day 1.

 day 2. allergic to antibiotics plak...
 catching up on sch work
 ajib came to visit
the interior
dhani said tis was the best thing here. he had his own tv!
the colourful alley wit circus concept deco

big playroom
patient #505

follow up check up a week later - doc said he's fully healed. alhamdulillah. but the doc's a bit concerned about dhani's weight. he weighs only 16kg now aft 2 weeks o being unwell. + gigih berpuasa, so he's all skin & bones now. the nxt check up is in early september, doc wants to monitor his weight pulak.

xpe, come raya, let's put on weight, ok ahmad :) 

Monday, August 13, 2012


"I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us
Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us"

ramadhan is leaving soon. & i embraced it sama mcm org lain. tp sebenarnye byk kurang dr org lain. yes, aku lah manusia yg rugi. sigh.

dhani was down wit fever on 1st week o ramadhan. sempat puasa 3 days, then he wasnt able to fast for 12 days. poor boy, so much for nk puasa penuh. Allah je yg tahu hikmah disebaliknya. he was admitted for 3d2n @ dsh. & he's so thin now. but a lot healthier, alhamdulillah.

as far as raya prep is concerned, we really dont do much. bj kurung & bj melayu last minit xde tailor so i gave to dhani's tok mong, if sempat die jahit, sempat, if tak sempat, no obligation. i have a jubah wic i seldom wear & dhani's got bj melayu fr his majlis kindy last year. as for his casual wear, i bought some during bandung trip earlier tis year, some fr phuket trip, some during mega sale in june. his mama also bought him some pairs. dear auntie rozie got him a vr elegant jubah & the coolest cap ever, according to dhani. alhamdulillah. i didnt plan to get him new pair of shoes since he's got two pairs that he seldom wears, they stil look brand new. his uncle got him a new pair of crocs. i just bought him a belt coz he's lost weight, takut x muar seluar. he'll be wearing sampin fr last year but i need to get him a new songkok since the current one's already worn out sbb pakai ke skolah agama. believe it or not, last year was his 1st time wearing bj melayu wit sampin. wen he was smaller, i didnt like to make him wear that, sbb i felt rimas for him. last year br die sdiri yg teringin pakai sampin, so his dad got him one & it stil looks new. it's just that he's bn complaining 'bt his pjs, tp i dont think i have time to go buy any. pakai lah ape yg ade dulu, ya ahmad nani. + mummy cam dh run out o RMs already. hah.

raya cookies pon x beli byk. i just bought choc chip cookies for dhani's mak wan, class teachers both skolah kebangsaan & skolah agama & for transit center. dahlia cookies fr a gud fren. & blueberry roll & benji roll & fruitcake, one each mainly because i love them. i dont plan to host an open house like i did last year. nnt beli byk xde org mkn. i helped a fren to sell cookies & he gave me a container. alhamdulillah. ok lah. i guess it's gonna be a simple raya for us.

"I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us
Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us"