Friday, December 30, 2011


hari orientasi darjah 1 ahmad nani
dh besar! seronok tgk die making frens so easily
ade placement test rupenye & me being a casual mom langsung didnt prepare him
skali mat ni tulis nama pon 3/4x erased, i started to freak out a bit hahaha
nsb as they went on, all was ok
then we went to get his writing books, text books, workbooks
& to the canteen to check on the prices of food
he'll be bringing lunch box just in case susah nk Q & all. takpon takut ralit main ms recess at least ade bekal kot x sempat beli
btw, we'll be maidless soon. wit ahmad nani's new schedule, nobody's gonna be home during daytime so buat ape nk guna maid kan...
i hope we can cope, insyaAllah

*budak yg happy finally school break's over! lately asyik call mummy every hour sbb bosan dok umah.

last bit - bumped into cik hajja & lil missy @ bookstore. wat a pleasant surprise! cik hajja makin lawa lah awak.. jeles!

Monday, December 12, 2011

rolling in the deep

the lil one spent some nites wit his dad last week.
mummy balik rs lemau semacam. haha.
mlm mummy layan naruto smbil dok tunggu 0000 hours for AA's 10th years anniversary promo
smpai la tertdo.....................

but then saya berusaha ngan gigihnye the moment i opened my eyes the nxt morning.
& managed 2 get seposen one way tickets to langkawi for me & ahmad nani. yippee!
but it's not happening until august 2012.
& it's tentatively a week aft raya. gara2 saya hanya merefer to school holiday calendar 2012, saya terover looked akan tarikh hari raya puasa 2012!
nsb baik lepas seminggu, kot awal seminggu sila beraya di langkawi :p

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dibuai ombak rindu...

if u havent watched it yet, please do. dh lama xde cite melayu yg best. i havent read the novel, not planning to. but i think it was a gud thing also lah, xde la potong dh tau ape ending.

we went on the release date. penuh cinema hall. in fact nk buat online booking pon x bleh, every single show time sume full. jln nk pegi midV pon jam x ingat!

wen i saw the snippets, i thot maya k wasnt really suitable to be the main character 'izah'. she doesnt really have that kampung girl quality. i thot she shud have swapped places wit lisa s. but then i took all that back. maya k certainly brings that 'izah' character to life. i have to agree wit my fren that maya k is really a versatile actress.

i've never bn crazee 'bt aaron a (not even aft watching ombak rindu. i'm more o adi p or the latest fascination mr johan asari @ aril in cinta elysa. heee). but still, hands down to him. his acting is sooo convincing that u just could feel the intense love towards his wife. (tp ntah ape perasaan the off screen aka real life wife tgk his on bed scene wit maya k yg berkemban... errrr...)

lisa s? never seen her in desperate character camni. at 1st she seemed a bit too young for the character. but as the story unfolded, boleh la kot she carry it.

bront palarae. ala la la la la... sweetnye mat ni punye character :) walau pon die cuma korban cinta...

tis movie has almost made me believe in love & jodoh & marriage & watever not again. s'one please shoot me dead already! :p

my post obviously doesnt do justice to the movie. go book your tix now. watch it wit your girlfrens so u can drool over aaron a togethergether. if u go wit your other half, chances are u'll have to do it covertly. hehe.

overtly or covertly, just pray u wont be sitting nxt to a couple yg lebih byk buat wayang dr tgk wayang. cinabeng aaa couple yg sat beside me tu...

ps: make sure u bring a packet o tissue. the song itself dh buat i cried buckets... huuu.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a year gone by...

... & alhamdulillah we're doing fine... & ahmad nani is as happy as other kids his age... & we're embracing life as normal as other people... & we're so grateful for all the love & care & frenship & support that we have...

alhamdulillah... at first it all seemed impossible... at first it all felt burdensome... at first it all appeared ruthless... but then... a year has gone by & we still rock! *big grin*

& alhamdulillah... my 1st mission's accomplished. ahmad nani is now ready to embark on a real schooling journey...

heartiest congratulations, darling!

thank u to the teachers of genius aulad bdr sri damansara. i know ahmad nani's had so much fun there. he's made frens wit some cool boys his age - acap, syafiq rafiq, fadlun, imran rafiz, nik hakim, juani, daniel ashraf, fariz, among the names he mentions almost everyday...

alhamdulillah, tis is such a great achievement for us, considering the waking up drama, the shower tantrums, the RM1 upah every morning, the school van chase... we could actually cope if we just enjoy the ride :)

he's gonna be 7 soon! he's gonna start real schooling soon! i'm gonna be a mom of a standard 1 kid! owh would i be like my parents who were very much involved wit PTA, school organised xtvts, fund-raising & such? heee. it's a thrill waiting to happen. insyaAllah if i have time to spare, insyaAllah ahmad nani's schooling will still come first.

meanwhile, let's enjoy tis sch holiday. nxt year yours truly will have to be more discipline in making sure dhani fill up at least 90% attendance. (owh come on! u cant possibly expect me to guarantee a 100% attendance! :p).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

wat could hav been...

i could have been blogging 'bt the 2-day conference i attended earlier tis week.
i could have been writing 'bt some new, compelling HR issues i learned & discovered there.
i could have been reviewing 'bt some first-rate speakers i had the chance to see myself.


i could have been sleeping at tis hour.


i've been wide awake since 2.45am. managed to sort out some office stuff but not much. managed to cook some nasi impit (it's stil on the stove. wud 12 packets be enough?).

the maid issue? mb that was why my subconscious mind got so distraught. i'm seeing the agent tonite & i seriusly do not know wat to expect. & i'm too tired to deal wit tis. watever it is, if she wants to leave, i'll let her. mb i'm not a gud employer. mb i'm too temperamental for her. mb i'm too uptight, i'm too tis, i'm too that. watever. i dont need tis.

now i need to come up wit a plan for dhani. & i need to do it fast.

back to square one.

Friday, September 9, 2011

la la la la la la la la la la la... (smurf's tune please...)

raya was ok, alhamdulillah. my 1st raya as a single mom. agak sayu tgk dhani ikut atok sdara (adik arwah bonda) that he met once a year to the mosque. but that's just him, so easily attached ngan org walau br skali jumpe. raya was the usual - adik beradik got 2gether, maaf bermaafan, had festive meals o everything fatty. we got back to kl on 3rd day o syawal coz i had a wedding to attend.

above is our raya pix. manja mat ni :)

post raya was also the usual things. beraya, open houses etc etc etc. mine will be on 16/9, sila dtg. it's not really an open house pon, just a mkn2 get2gether wit frens.

owh updating blog takes so much effort now. nothin much to ramble. mostly inappropriate to be broadcast here.

we watched smurfs wit aunt kay & jibril few nites ago. it was entertaining, funny & all but was kinda flat also. wit neil patrick harrris (the farny man barney stinson fr how i met your mother), it could hav bn legendary. but, it did not happen. stil we had a gud time. except wen the waiter @ tony roma's came telling us to control our kids sbb some customers complained 'bt the noise the kids were making! chessssssssssss...

work's bn BAU. so much pending work. & it's so boring to talk 'bt work. so i must stop here. i mean, stop talking 'bt work.

i went to clinic on monday. i had ulcer, stil have it now but it's recovering. & bcoz o tis ulcer, i havent started my puasa 6. and today, i went to clinic again. i think i've bn experiencing vertigo. but i didnt notice wen it exactly started. was it b4 raya break or aft raya break? i had my BM checked, thot i over ate red meet during raya but nothing unusual wit my BP.  the doc gave me bertaserc for 5 days consumption & if it stil prolongs, i'll have to see her again. it might hav some connection wit problem in the inner ear. there r some symptoms o vertigo - u feel spinning motion wen u are actually stationary, vomiting / nausea, ears buzzing, blur vision, sweating excessively . i'm only having the 1st one. let's hope it'll go away as i finish the bertaserc.

ok. i'm supposed to get enough rest for early push off to jb 2moro. the family is having open house & it's just appropriate that we go back. but here i am, updating tis blog that has very few readers (well, if it does hav readers at all!) while watching batman: the dark knight (i think tis is the darkest batman movie).

i shud be sleepin'. restin'. let's hope my sleep wont be interrupted. insyaAllah.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

drama melayu hari ini

mungkin padah melayan terlalu byk drama melayu tis lately, hidup aku pon cam drama. so exhausted. so drained. even rite at tis moment my head's thumping.

nsb lah ade si baju hijau ni. baju raya fr mak wan. tis year meriah plak bj melayu smpai 3 psg. tp x boleh lawan kasut raya 4 psg! bagus. mummy beli 2 psg, his dad pon beli 2 psg. the upside o not having a full-time dad.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

mb tis is why...

i) my immediate boss has rated me 4 for the 2nd quarter, albeit our constant disagreement. being rated 4 is like tis close to 5, means that i could just get that big fat max bonus once the financial year ends *drool*. that's wat actually drives me. + i need to prove to my director that i'm worth the pay i demanded wen i was first offered. and IF we dont achieve tis particular KPI, we're screwed! we've worked so hard to attain the KPIs but our hard effort woudnt count if we fail to accomplish tis one. sigh. so, i just nd to push thru, doesnt matter lah if i feel like i'm the only one hustling my ass off, just DO the work!

ii) i could hardly turn my head around, i could hardly take a deep breath, i could hardly fart wen i'm at ofis (imagine how bz i am at work!) & having to call home / bank intermittently in every half hour to check on the status of her western union has consumed my already restricted time & energy & it really is bothering me. & the worry & fear of the money getting lost in the system, that's wearing me out. & having to explain to her how western union works, that's even more exhausting!

iii) owh God help me! we'd gone house-hunting for two weeks, it ended on last sunday wit me finally made up my mind to rent a gud fren's house, wic is quite a distance fr my office, until other nearer house becomes more affordable for us (or rather until we could afford to get a nearer house). but the hassles, i'm telling u... & to be doing tis house-hunting errand during fasting month some more, it was just insane! the apartments in the vicinity of my office ranging from 1k to 1.5k. there's one house right at the back of my office (i could just hop twice & 'plink'! i'd already be at my work station), fully furnished wit 1.3k monthly rental, the landlord seemed (or rather sounded) like a decent person. it could have bn just perfect - i could save on fuel & toll & mb lunch $$$ since i could just go home & have lunch & of course i could cut down on unnecessary friday lunch outing, thus save me fr splurging on unnecessary items. but it came wit 2+1 depo & 1/2 utility depo. that made me choked. i suppose that's the standard rate, but of course i have other things to prioritise. & if we were to stay in bangsar, i shud also think of dhani's school fee & all. owh my, dhani must be crushed that he has to leave his frens & dear teachers. at tis point of time, that reality hasnt totally sunk in yet, he stil thinks that even if we get relocated, he'd stil go to the same sch, see the same frens & teachers. poor boy... but we cant possibly wait any longer.

iii) yes. i dunno if others are experiencing the same thing as well. my tummy starts grumbling as early as 11am, it often feels like there's a storm brewing in there & getting thru the day is plain agonizing. seriusly! i feel like a 6yo, even ahmad dhani doesnt behave like me, i guess. i do take dates during pre-dawn meals, i do drink lotsa plain water, in fact there's no cold drink on the table tis ramadhan. come to think of it, i have bn depriving myself (& the whole household, but i know my helper's protesting in silence!) of cold drinks even b4 ramadhan. i realise the body feels less lethargic w'out ice consumption. but hey, that's me.

iv) haha. a chinese fren once asked me, how come some people could really lose weight during ramadhan but some people do utterly the opposite? heee. i hope i dont make the statistic of the opposite. ever heard of tis saying - if u fast, u'll have to feast. if u feast, u'll have to fast. vicious cycle, i know. i cook almost everyday. & i only cook watever i strongly desire to have. thus, the 2nd & even 3rd helping. haish. we've gone to psr ramadhan only once. & it was quite a waste of $$$. we bought 2 pcs of chicken sambal but we only ate 1 pc. i'd rather cook :)

to be continued....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

why do i feel...

i) as if i'm the only one here doing so much work 2 achieve the unit's kpi???
ii) sooo geram at my maid (or his dad or his uncle) for causing me headache wit tis western union hiccups???
iii) that house-hunting in kl, tho has ended now, could lead to temporary mental instability?
iv) the older i get, the less tolerance i have for fasting?
v) and yet no matter how much i want to refrain fr taking that 2nd helping during iftar, i stil fail & sometimes end up wit the 3rd helping even???
vi) that i find it very very very difficult to maintain my interest to keep myself well-groomed during office hours?

to be continued...............

vii) easily annoyed by silly little mistakes done by everybody at home?
ix) i havent taken advantage of ramadhan at all???
x) life is so unfair to us?

& last but not least..
why do i feel like trying out colour-blocking trend?

-picking myself up. 10.00pm. 16082011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


we went 2 alamanda on saturday. so far away fr home. thing is, we had free tixs for mr popper's penguins for ahmad & kakak (courtesy of lovely aunT kay), so since the show was on for quite some time, it was still available at few cinemas & alamanda was among one. & my colleague fr ofis who was temporary  bujang on that w'end since the wife & kids went balik kg (his leave application wasnt approved) had asked me 2 watch 'the rise of the planet apes' wit him. & so we went. i definitely couldnt resist mr james owh-your-sweet-smile-melts-my-heart franco on the big screen.

for some reason, i just felt that the movie wasnt suitable for dhani. that was why i made him  watch mr popper instead. i thot the RotPotA (rot.pot.a???) wud confuse him coz i had planet of the apes on my mind. him being a curious one, might shower me wit questions i have no answer for.  like last time wen we watched 'x-men: the 1st class', he asked why were the club girls wearing sexy lingeries? & wat does 'go fuck yourself' mean?

RotPotA is totally different fr planet of the apes, starred mark wahlberg & helena bonham carter. while PotA was set in apes world, RotPotA has today's world on the background setting. will (james franco) is a scientist working on the cure for alzheimer, tests it on a chimp and is so close to success just to get his research called off wen the chimp runs amok. the chimp is eventually shot to death but leaves a baby, entrusted to will. he brings him up and secretly carries out his supposedly abandoned research on both caesar the chimp and his own dad who suffers fr alzheimer (yes, that's why he's so adamant in finding the cure for the disease & eventually it becomes his personal battle). meanwhile, caesar grows up as an extraordinarily smart chimp who could beat his human counterparts his age. but chimps dont make a gud pet. no matter how human they are, they stil have that innate beastly traits in them. the rest, u'll have to watch it yourself.

as much as i know that the story is all fictional, i'm stil impressed wit the cgi & the magnificent techniques they use in making the film. the chimp 'caesar', tho inconsistent in size, is really convincing especially the facial expressions. i could totally feel his emotions - wen he's sad, wen he's happy, wen he's curious, wen he's disappointed, wen he's scared, wen he's confused, wen he's being rebellious etc etc etc. in short, they manage to not only portray but also differentiate the emotions felt by the chimp. & i think it might be true since we share about 90% gene wit our ape relatives. who knows...

credit to andy serkis, the man behind caesar the ape. if u watch caesar closely, u wud see gollum (LOTR) in him. yes, he played gollum too.

i almost forget 'bt will's girlfren, the only female character in the film. it's the girl fr 'slum dog millionaire'. she's pretty & she looks like a very smart girl being alongside the main character, will. but her role isnt that big, almost insignificant, to be honest. but i think she might land a role of bond girl one day (i just think she's got a bond girl persona wit her).

so peep, rise & go watch it!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

& back again?

it's bn so long, aint it? i havent 4gotten 'bt the existence o ahmadmiracle. how can i? he's wit me all the time, kan?  i've bn constantly wanting to write away, but... there's always buts kan... so wat have i bn up to? pretty much, not so much. it's woark-home-work-home routine for the past few months. there were trips here & there but nothing big 2 highlight on.
anyway... it's ramadhan already. alhamdulillah, syukur ya Allah for another fabulous month o ramadhan. our month. let's share something i gathered fr kuliyyah by datuk hassandin a few days ago held at ns* surau:-

1) Allah has said that Rejab belongs to Him, syaaban belongs to Rasulullah saw & ramadhan belongs to us, the ummah. there are 3 most significant nights in each month: the night of nisfu syaaban, the night o isra' & mi'raj & the ever awaited night in the entire hijrah year - the night o lailatul qadar, the most special gift for us, the ummah o Rasulullah saw. therefore, let us pray hard that we'll be blessed with the amazing gift o lailatul qadar this year coz we might not live long enough 2 beseech it next year...

2) dont be too eager to get our little ones to fast coz at the age o 5/6 and with us not being around during daytime, how do we ensure they actually really do fast? hmmm a point to ponder, an eye & mind opener at the same time. i, being a mom, was (or stil am?) very excited at the idea o ahmad shenomot fasting tis year. why not? he's already 6, it feels like it's just the rite thing to do: to start training him to fast. BUT. he has to fast for Allah, not becoz his mom tells him to. that's more important. & i dont want to have a cheater at the end o ramadhan. a cheater who nibbles biscuits or gulps water secretly wen nobody's looking. so, instead o making him fast, i let him choose whether to fast or not. but o coz i do coax him a little - the RM1 upah for every full day, the trip to psr ramadhan (geee! tis boy loves psr ramadhan!) or break fast @ outlet o his choice etc etc etc. but wen he utters the magic phrase, i give in. "i cannot tahan anymore". ok, go on have your lunch.

3) tarawikh can be done at the comfort o our own home. owh dear, how embarrassing tis confession is - i havent done any tarawikh yet. gosh why la am i ever so liat to take the opportunity o tis holy month to perform more & more ibadah? gotta start somewhere!!! no lame excuses, it's plain laziness. need a little nudge here, a gentle push there. insyaAllah. my helper never fails to direct the same question past berbuka "tarawikh mlm ini, kak?" & i've bn very constant with my answer "mlm esok, ye...". come the nxt day, it's the same Q&A session over again. ok, tonite's the nite. pray i wont be calculative with the imam. pray i wont whine if the imam's pace isnt up to my preference. pray i still remember how to perform the tarawikh & witir prayers. go find the solat book after tis.

are these the only takeout o the ceramah session that day? i seriously cant recall any other key points. ok, i need to catch some sleep. we have a movie each to devour tis afternoon. mr popper's penguins for the kids (thx to aunt kay for the free tixs) & the rise o the planet apes for the adults. & we're watching it all the way @ alamanda. why la so far away? i just feel like driving that far (can that be accepted??? rite now, i'm craving for a long distance drive somewhere, anywhere like, oooohhhh pehlisss! but work's bn so hectic & there's not much fund for traveling these days so i can only crave & crave & crave & the furthest i could go is the selangor/kl/putrajaya borders. haha. something is better than nothing, i suppose?)

btw, i'm no longer on FB. deactivated it about a month ago & up till tis very moment, i havent missed it a bit. curious! i'm only on twitter & now... ahmadmiracle is back on the blogsphere.

Friday, February 18, 2011

sugar sugar lady!

 went 2 delicious MV alone 2 have a quick sugar fix. ordered myself classic choc cake topped wit vanilla ice-cream & melted choc and also a piece o red velvet.  walloped the whole piece o choc cake w'out any guilt but couldnt make room 4 the red velvet so it went in2 the box 2 be bought home & shared wit the kids :)

yesterday... i was so heartbroken by an incident. but 2day, insyaAllah i'm better. wen misfortune happens, it either makes me stronger or weaker, it either makes me better or worse. & i've vowed to be stronger & better. thank you Allah...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's not wrong

ahmad: mom, at school 2day my fren askd me where is my dad...
me: & wat did u say?
ahmad: i didnt answer him...
me: why?
ahmad: because i'm ashamed...
me: why were u ashamed?
ahmad: because i dont have a dad...
me: ahmad, u have a dad. u have dada.
ahmad: but dada not here wit us...
me: yup, he's not here wit us. but he comes 2 see u wenever he could, kan? u have a dad.
ahmad: but why he dont live wit us? he dont love us?
me: he cant live wit us anymore. because he doesnt wanna be wit me anymore. but he loves u. he always loves u, he told u that, kan?
ahmad: yes...
me: u understand, rite? he loves u but he cant be wit us all the time anymore because he doesnt wanna be wit me. it's not your fault, he loves u. got it?
ahmad: yes, got it.
me: & u must not be ashamed wen people ask u 'bt your dad, ok. u do have a dad. it's just that he doesnt live wit us any longer... & that is not wrong ok...
ahmad: ok...
me: u do understand, rite? it's ok not to have a dad at home... it's ok to just have your mom... mummy syg nani, dada pon syg nani... we love u, it's just that we cant be together anymore... nani paham x?
ahmad: yes... but dada love me kan, mummy? he always told me that...
me: yes... he loves u very much...

Allahuakbar... tis boy is getting smarter day by day. it pains me 2 see him going thru all tis... & there'll be more & more questions, more & more incidents like tis...

but it's ok... insyaAllah we'll face them 2gether, ya sayang...

& yes, it's not wrong not 2 have a dad at home. it's not wrong 2 only have your mom... it's not wrong, my dear ahmad dhani... watever it is, your dada loves u, u must now that...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shaolin 2011

andy lau, nicholas tze, jackie chan (special appearance), fan bing bing- tu je yg saya kenal. it's bn ages since i last watched chinese movies so i'm kinda lost track of who's who.
nway, shaolin 2011 is quite a disappointment. yes, i'm a killjoy, i know :p it's a typical shaolin plot, nothing new. nick tze as the villain x sekejam mane (tp masih menyakitkn ati sgt2), jackie chan as usual wit his accidental hero role, andy lau... well... quite moving la his acting, losing his only daughter out o power greed & misjudgement. the scene yg ank die mati tu made my lil one sobbed. huhuhu.

prior 2 movie, ahmad had his 1st wudo lesson @ the nearby chinese school. wudo is a combination of chinese kungfu + many other martial arts. i also didnt  know tis, not until last week wen we went 2 have a look. i actually was searching high & low for tae kwan do class. the nearest then was @ OU and it costs 150 a month. ntah camne tergerak nk tgk chinese school ni & yes, they have it & it costs only a fraction of wat the class @ OU charge. RM20 a month. yes. RM20 only.

i'm gonna have my own donnie yen soon :)

now i need 2 tell him that watever he learns is for self-defense & to protect those around him. eceh. mcm btul bleh jd tahap donnie yen? but seriusly, he needs 2 be told that, kalau x sume org kang die WACHAAAA!!!

aft wachaaa session, we were both starving (x sempat proper breakfast punye kes, sempat buat bread wit peanut butter spread je for ahmad) so we headed 2 kepong village mall, the nearest to our place.

& we tried tis place... espresSOUP. not bad... not bad at all :)

they have soups (clam chowder, pumpkin soup, mushroom soup, chicken cream soup, etc etc etc)

owh tis boy had mushroom soup wit 2 pcs o garlic bread at first... x cukup! tambah lagi 5 pcs but x abis pulak... hehe. & yes, he's a tea lover, just like me :D

a fun-filled federal territory day :)

also known as 'my 1st trip 2 the national museum' :)
alhamdulillah the one day break was optimised melayan my lil miracle.
went back 2 rawang 2 visit atok & mak wan & everyone there. managed 2 get the car serviced (if u want 2 have yours serviced at a very very reasonable price, do lemme know ok. org melayu kita, harga ok, servis pon satisfying). now senang ati lah if jalan jauh :)
sempat melayan my dear 7m preggy SIL y sgt lah teringin mkn chillied beef + lady fingers.
left mak wan's house quite early coz aunT kay & ajib were already waiting @ the national museum.

my mission is 2 cut down on mall trips & do more outdoor xtvts + educational visits. & tis visit was actually impromtu. & yes, i've become a very impromtu / impulsive person these days. rase nk pegi, pegi rase nk redah, redah. as long as there's some RMsss in my purse, as long as the car in a gud condition & most importantly, as long as ahmad dhani is sihat walafiat :)

magnificent dragon head

boys having fun wit the interactive display of the silk road

couldnt really tell wat the sculpture actually was...

mesmerising artifact


borobudur, we will come one day!

another interactive display

boys amazed at the life-sized dummies

more dummies...

fort of love & frenship & everything beautiful in life :)

reenactment of perjanjian pangkor (or something)


angkasawan shenomot :)


yummy footies (kay yg kata... :p)

no comment... no comment...

ahmad, please stand properly nxt time eh...

& please muka tu elok sket eh...

serupa tp x sama?


last piece...

alhamdulillah. seronok ahmad dhani. along pon seronok. mummy lagiii lah seronok (walau penat sebenarnye & now it's already 1.11am & i cant sleep lah pulak...).

nxt edu trip --> balai senilukis negara (national art gallery). it's been a while since we went there. & funny thing is, i dont know how 2 get there pon. xpe, sesat kt kl, xkan smpai london punye... :p

there are so many places we havent been to. it's ok, ahmad... we have all the time in the world just for us. yg penting ade rezeki, sihat tubuh bdn.... insyaAllah, smpai lah kite... 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

my lil miracle


welcome 2 ahmadmiracle. yes, he's my lil miracle. syukur ya Allah for ahmad dhani - my love, my life, my everything. sounds cliche but he really is :)

it's true wat they say... wen one door closes, another opens... insyaAllah...

the previous journey has ended. we've embarked on a new one. no one says it's gonna be easy, but insyaAllah we'll find our way 2gether. me & my lil miracle.