Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a bumpy ride

it's 3rd week o sch.
& it has bn a terribly bumpy ride for us both.
masuk je 2nd week mat kecik dh mintak ampun maaf x mau g sch.
he expected me to stay wit him thruout the day. ingat mak die kaya raya mmg ade duit kalau x keje ke???
every morning has bn very very very stressful.
impian nk ke ofis gym adalah ke laut.
i arrive @ the ofis feeling so drained, so exhausted, so mad at myself for not being able 2 calm my kid, 2 get him settled @ sch.
i do pity him, but i'm not gonna give in.
mb it's all my fault for not making him truly understand how real sch works. mb i didnt deal wit the transitional phase properly.

& tis morning around 10ish, the maid for the umpteenth time tib2 nk quit, nk balik, missing her parents. like wat the ????? & she pndai2 called my sister mengadu ntah ape. end up i was scolded by my sister for not treating her nicely. like wat the ????? rs nk sepak je! she's bn living idly for almost 3 weeks now sbb the lil one's @ sch 7am-730pm, ape sgt lah setakat umh kecik 3 bilik wit 3 occupants? she doesnt have to cook, we dont have dinner that often means she doesnt have to tidy the kitchen or the dining table or even wash the dishes. wat else does she want??? kalau majikan lain there's a high possibility that she wud be sent off to do chores @ parents' house ke sibling's house ke ape ke... but she doesnt have to do all that! & yet die mengade ade je nk create issues. God! so much money & energy & time spent to take her, legalise her & everything. penat lah. penat.

& it's only the beginning o the year...