Monday, September 10, 2012

dh raya pon ;)

ya rabbi bz nya aft raya, now only i managed to find time to wipe the dust off tis blog.
kite balik raya on friday nite, we pushed off at 12am, reached tmn u @ 3am lebih kurang.

brg unt 2 org, tp cam unt 5 org. then there was all sorts o hampers, cookies yg berkotak2, daging seberat 15kg. kereta dh mcm lori pick up. & wen we arrived, long & family had already gone back to segamat, their other kg. luckily alang's bibik was there, ever ready to help us unload. thank god!

the nxt day we had to go balik kg to gelang patah. there were only 2 o us so we took our own sweet time, bgn 12pm, siap2 then went to jpo. sedar x sedar 6pm baru keluar!

tgk mat ni happy sakan sbb dh pakai raya attire. cap courtesy o aunt rozie, all the way fr doha. he loves loves loves it!

below is my auntie, mong, my mom's sister, preparing her famous serunding kelapa + daging. my favourite! mkn ngan burasak, a bugis traditional juadah raya. mong is not married. she took care o my late grandparents. aft arwah bakwe's demise (my late grandfather), she had several suitors, but she declined all, saying that she's got her anak2 sdara, cucu2 sdara to menumpang kasih. we love her to bits! she recently built a huge house wit 4 bedrooms & a big livingroom to accommodate us during raya. tis was where i & my son spent our 1st raya. she was thankful we were around, we were thankful that she opened her door for us. if not, ntah mane nk tuju. hehe. guess tu la yg agak lemah wen u're a single mom & your parents are no longer around. mb nxt year shud mong decide to join my uncle beraya @ pekan, me & dhani will beraya in hong kong! haha.

our raya attires. baju x siap so sila pakai jubah. & i forgot to bring ahmad dhani's sampin & he at first refused to go for smayang raya sbb tu. geram!

my 4th sister was also celebrating raya @ mong's. ini adalah kerana mereka terkucil wit my BIL's sister. hehehe. in a away, i'm blessed for not having to deal wit marriage/in-laws crisis as such.

& again we went to jpo on 1st raya. haha mmg xde arah tujuan since my sisters only came back on late afternoon o 2nd raya. there's dhani in dragon tail snow cap, 10 inggit @ universal traveller jpo. hehe.

how's that for raya shoes? 26 inggit fr vinci jpo. & i wore them only once!

another raya shot on 2nd raya nite wen all o us went to beraya @ mong's. by then kiteorg dh kumpul @ long's.

that's me in purple wen everyone else was wearing pink! family photography session was held on 3rd raya aft all my sisters got back fr their in-laws' places. ni lah kaum hawa in our big family. the eldest is my long, 45yo & youngest is our lovely aish, aged 2.

we went beraya @ kg on 3rd raya aft we paid visit to atok & nenek. that's dhani wit his same-aged cousin, ajim. & that's dina, ajim's sister. they're both my 5th sister's kids. anak k biah.

had frens come over on 4th raya. aunt dd, aunt ninie & aunt gjie.

so raya was stil raya, meriah & all. alhamdulillah :)

5th raya, we were off to langkawi. seronok walau now i'm broke like @#%^&!!!


  1. selamat hari raya kak Awi..raya kt Johor mmg x menang tangan pergi rumah org tu..pergi jln sini..meriah raya akak!

    1. Thx, yana :) slamat hari raya to u too. Actually last year I mengelat cabutawal, by raya ketiga dh blk kl. hehe. So raya tis year g la ronda keliling kg...

  2. MD...

    Selamat hari raya! I miss u!!!!

    U looks so lovely with jubah hitam on 1st day hari raya. Cantek!

    1. Miss u too, riko! Thx. Pakai jubah sbb xde bj raya sebenarnye :p

  3. selamat hari raya... alhamdulillah... Allah kurniakan kebahagian di hari mulia.

    wie... kalau dh ke JPO tu mmg tak sudah. Merayap sampai kedai tutup ;) wpun tak byk tp suka their good deals

    1. Yes, alhamdulillah :) dhani pon happy je & most importantly we were both sihat thruout raya break.

      Beb, I just love jpo! These days mmg x pnjat malls dh. Tgu blk jb je la jengah situ walau x membeli :p

  4. haha baca pun rs hectic cuti2 raya u ols.. xpe yg penting ahmad dhani sentiasa di sisi..
    wei cunnye kasut... jubah raya pun cun!

    1. Hah over x penat raya x abis2 till now. Hehe. Tp tis year we missed open houses kwn2 mummy la plak, unlike last year siap meriah berkonvoi bagai kan...

      Kasut tu lawa smpai syg nk pakai. Hehe. Tp paling lama pakai pon 15 min, x larat almaklum bdn dh berats :p